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“We really needed to reduce operations cost and let our developers develop instead of being mired in an endless cycle of keeping the lights on.”

Director of Engineering, global retail company



Net Present Value of migrating to Atlassian cloud



<6 months

Payback period for migration to Atlassian cloud

“Atlassian is no longer just an IT tool. Jira Software and Jira Service Management Cloud are very intuitive and easy to use. We’ve seen a couple non-technical teams run with those solutions, which has provided them with better visibility into what's happening with our technical teams.
Communication has improved, too, as we've adopted a standard with Confluence documentation and linking it to Jira.”

Eric Raymond, Senior Manager of Business Technology

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76% of admins said automation for Jira saves them more than 6 hours per month

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“Jira automation is indispensable. It saves my team a lot of time and building automations across all of our tools is simple and easy.”

David Yu, Jira Admin at Lyft

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92% of surveyed IT organizations said that security is better or equal on the cloud

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“We migrated to increase security and manage user provisioning with connection to Azure AD. We also wanted to get the latest, supported product without having to do manual upgrades. Mobile enablement was a bonus.”

Ross Piggott, Senior IT Manager, The Star Entertainment Group

Source: TechValidate survey of 320 Atlassian customers


cloud apps and integrations


new cloud apps in FY21


average cloud apps added per week

Integrate with the tools you already love, or build custom solutions that are secure, compliant, and scalable with Forge.

“Forge has significantly reduced the development time of an app. We didn’t have to worry about the initial setup and have been able to start the implementation very quickly. We saved time when thinking about architectural security matters (like request authentication), GDPR compliance, or operating costs.”

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